Pointe Shoe Boutique

Pointe Shoe Boutique

Lucy and Ethel's 

Lucy and Ethel's 

Pointe is our passion.

Pointe is our passion.

 Inform • Empower

 Whether your first fitting or 

3rd competition this season, L&E is dedicated to provide a consistent, honest fit based on individual

foot structure. 

Our pointe shoe expert Maddison 

has been trained by master pointe specialist Anitra Keegan and, the creator of the Capezio

pointe shoe, Paul Plesh

A well fit pointe shoe

Must hold up the specific structure of each dancers foot.



"You can't change anatomy"*

"It's about making your feet look the best they can based on their shape."*

Pointe technique arranges placement

of the feet,

body alignment and transitioning from and to en pointe.

your life

en pointe

Pointe shoes begin to break in as strength builds within your feet & ankles. 

Wear shows growth

"Ill fitting shoes will look worse on a dancers 

feet she breaks it in incorrectly" *

Correct Support

*~Nadia Randall~

Foster, Hannah. Confessions of a pointe shoe fitter. Pointemagazine.com, 2016.

~L&E Pointe Shoe Boutique~

this is where i would like our mission and vision paragraph. also what we provide service wise and out goals during a pointe fitting. see notes!

Welcome & Congratulations

A point

  1. a  specialty shop that sells fashionable clothes and accessories and a special selection of other merchandise.

  2.  exclusive business offering a specialized customized service: 

Until the foot has stabilized, a fitting adjustment may be necessary.

Experienced pointe dancers with a stabilized shoe fit, are more than welcome to purchase your style from our web store.

Nothing to book at the moment

"As strength builds within the feet & ankles your pointe shoes begin to break in.

Your body has begun to adjust to life en pointe."

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