SKU: 1142
Adult Sizes
Color: Petal Pink
    • Fabric: Rayon-backed cotton satin
    • Lining: Plush, rose colored
    • Binding: Satin
    • Drawstring: Elastic
    • Throat Shape: U cut
    • Side seam: Bias cut
    • Heel: Heel counter placed at back seam
    • Vamp length: Moderate
    • Side Seam: Low
    • Heel height: Moderate
    • Shape: Broad
    • Boxing: Three-quarter placement
    • Platform: Wide and high
    • Wings: Feathered, light pasted
    • Pleats: Traditional
    • Shank: Leather board/red board combination
    • Strength: 2.5
    • Length of support: 1.0 (Full)
    • Socklining: Split suede
    • Leather outsole with scoring at ball for traction; style, size, shank strength and length of support scored on sole
    • Elastic and ribbons sold separately