A new and technically advanced pointe shoe featuring a range of innovations that allow you to seamlessly roll through the ball of the foot onto pointe while providing flexibility, comfort, support and stability. When en pointe, there remains a steadier sense of balance.


Available in broad or tapered box shapes.

Low crown, sculpted arch with narrow, enhanced heel curve.

Skived leather board shanks provide flexibility and conform to the arch.


1126W Half-skived #3 leather board shank enhances flexibility.

1128W Three-quarter- skived #4 leather board shank adds support.


1127W Half-skived #3 leather board shank enhances flexibility.

1129W Three-quarter- skived #4 leather board shank adds support.


Deep vamp, slight “U” shape throat with low side and heel measurements.

Bias side seam, elasticized binding with elastic drawstring.

Plush, rose-colored, anti-slip interior lining.

Stitched platform.


Feathered full wing-box for lateral support with broad or tapered platform. Slightly rounded edge to roll up to and down from pointe.

Shank wrapped with anti-slip material.

Reduced sole length eliminates excess at the heel.

Thin leather sole allows for greater contact with the floor surface.

Scored ribbon motif on the sole aids with traction.





The Cambré is lightweight and pliable and in line with Capezio’s best-selling shank strengths, #3 and #4.

“We’ve added some flexibility to the forefoot of the shank that isn’t in our stock collection of pointe shoes,” shares Melissa Brannan, vice president of design and merchandising for Capezio. “That we’re adding a feature that is typical of a Special Order pointe shoe into a stock shoe is exciting.”

The Cambré also promises to offer more connection between the dancer and the floor, giving more stability and control to the wearer.

“We’re building on the success of our new sole construction that keeps the shoe flat to the floor so the relationship between the dancer and the floor is as close as it can be,” Brannan explains. “And improving the connection between a dancer and the floor is always exciting.”

The Cambré pointe shoe will come in variations for all foot types. For dancers with an “Egyptian” shaped foot, or a tapered toe profile, Cambré’s tapered styles 1127W and 1129W will suit them best. For those with a “Roman” shaped foot, or a square toe profile, the broad styles 1126W and 1128W will be the appropriate fit.

Capezio is always looking to improve on what the brand has done in the past, and to apply new technology and also customer feedback when creating new products.

“We’re big on honing the tradition of the art form, and we are mindful of how to best marry the pace of technology and what we learn with each new product to the tradition of each craft,” Brannan says. “The Cambré does exactly this. It marries beautifully with the Airess in practice because it is an extension of a traditional product line, where we find the Airess is superb for dancers looking for harder shoes and the need for a softer shoe remains.”

This intent behind appeasing all dancers and foot types is exemplary of the type of work Capezio does for all of its products.



SKU: 1126-1129
Adult Sizes
Color: Petal Pink

    • New construction
    • Rayon Satin Upper, Leather Sole
    • Lower crown
    • Deep Vamp
    • Full wing box for lateral support
    • Sculpted arch
    • Greater heel curve
    • Shorter outsole length
    • Thin outsole to stand close to the floor
    • Scored outsole for enhanced traction
    • Plush rose color anti-slip sock lining
    • Bias side seam
    • Stitched platform eliminates pleats
    • Elasticized binding with elastic drawstring
    • Printed sock lining logo
    • Heat embossed Capezio logo with style number, size, width and shank on outside
    • Elastic and ribbons sold separately