• # 3 shank, half skived with #1 on ball of foot
  • Moderate internal toe shape (slightly tapered)
  • Low crown 
  • Sculpted arch 
  • Narrow and enhanced heel curve
  • Cotton-backed-rayon Petal pink satin
  • Low vamp, slight “U” shape throat flatters the arch
  • Bias side seam
  • Elasticized binding with elastic drawstring
  • Stitched platform eliminates pleats 
  • Plush rose-color anti-slip interior lining
  • Moderate box toe shape
  • Feathered full wing-box for lateral support and secure platform with slightly rounded edge to roll up to and down from pointe
  • Hand-flattened crown
  • Thin leather sole allows the dancer to stand closer to the floor
  • A reduced sole length eliminates excess at the heel while en pointe
  • Scored ribbon motif on the ball of the foot aids with traction to the floor
  • Style, size and width, shank strength and tongue length embossed on outsole.
  • Elastic and ribbons sold separately


SKU: 1138-1139
Adult Sizes
Color: Petal Pink

    • Broad Toe - 5.5 (FlexiFirm) Shank
    • .50 Tongue length
    • Slight U shaped throat flatters the arch.
    • Stitched toe construction.
    • Soft sueded, rose color lining.
    • Wrapped shank prevents the sock lining from balling up under the dancers toes.
    • Sole marks to identify the specifications of the shoe.
    • Reduced crown, narrow arch, and reduced and narrow heel cup.
    • Deep vamp with lowered sides and heel.
    • Reinforced, feathered toe box for extended wear.
    • Full wing provides lateral support.
    • Rounded edge on bottom of platform for ease in rolling up and down from pointe.
    • Platform is hammered flat to create a secure balance.
    • Quiet toe construction reduces noise.
    • Elastic binding with encased elastic drawstring.
    • Elastic and ribbons sold separately